Miscellanea - It's Insanea!

Welcome to my revamped (once again) website, version I'm not sure anymore. Suffice to say that this is the first version of my website that I've completely built up from scratch. Hand-coded lovingly and unleashed upon the Interwebs without warning.

I dabble in many, many fandoms, latching onto new ones as they catch my eye. Consider me a magpie, collecting pop culture to line my nest. You'll find the results of my collection here. Most of it is fanfiction, and I plan to make this site a complete repository of my shared online work so far. In addition to my writing, there is my roleplaying, as well as my many contributions to net chatter. Feel free to explore; you'll never know what you'll find.

Why neville-sam?

The Short Version: Because one obsession is not nearly enough.

The Long Version: Blame squarely rests on a Harry Potter RPG. A Journal-based RPG, meaning you create a journal for the character to use. I had applied for Neville Longbottom, and decided not to use Matthew Lewis as my PB (Played-By, AKA the person in the character journal's icons). Matt's a perfectly wonderful Neville, but since the RPG's set in Harry's seventh year, I figured I should use someone a bit older. Just my own little obsessive preference. Call me an idiot, for I probably am. ^_^

So I was pondering PBs when I realized I had a nice group of pictures ready for iconage in the guise of a younger Sean Astin, who was (and still is) suitably "round-faced". So I ended up using Rudy-era Sean for Neville, and things seemed alright until the theatrical release date for Return of the King began to loom closer and closer.

It only recently occurred to me how similar the characters of Samwise and Neville are in terms of temperment, hidden heroism, and love of plants. Scarily similar, I might say.

So what began as a running joke among the community of players on that RP has become a domain name. Be afraid. Your in-joke may be next!